Essential secrets to building a strong relationship with your boss

What is one of the essential secrets to building a strong relationship with your boss? Dr. Linda Hill, Harvard professor and co-founder of Paradox Strategies, explains value creation and game changing in this compelling podcast.

Episode summary: Great leadership requires being both a value creator and a game changer. In this episode of The Parlor Room, host Chris Linnane sits down with HBS Professor Linda Hill to explore what that means through the lens of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine development. They also discuss the paradoxes of management and the three roles leaders must play to innovate and meet customers’ needs in the digital age.

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What makes a great leader?

Leaders of the future must master 3 key roles to drive impact and innovation: architect, bridger, and catalyst

Writing in Harvard Business Review, Paradox Strategies Founding Partner Linda Hill (with Emily Tedards, Jason Wild, and Karl Weber) describes how great leaders of the future must master 3 key roles – architect, bridger, and catalyst – to drive innovation and impact.

As architects, they build the culture and capabilities for co-creation.

As bridgers, they curate and enable networks of talent inside and outside their organizations to co-create.

And as catalysts, they lead beyond their organizational boundaries to energize and activate co-creation across entire ecosystems.

These ABCs require leaders to stop relying on formal authority as their source of power and shift to a style that enables diverse talent to collaborate, experiment, and learn together — a challenging yet essential personal transformation.