Speeches and Workshops

Keynote Speeches

One of the Collective Genius book authors will provide a speech or Q&A about the innovation framework, research and client case studies. These speeches are great for executive teams, retreat participants or conference attendees.

The Collective Genius Experience

The Collective Genius Experience is an interactive, high-energy group session that brings to life the challenge and exhilaration of innovation. We will facilitate a unique half or full day group event that demonstrates the Collective Genius elements. This will serve as a launching point for ongoing individual and team development and skill building around innovation and cultural transformation. This is typically most beneficial for 50-100 senior executives who are responsible for ensuring a culture capable of consistent transformation and innovation.

Being the Boss Experience

For new managers to more experienced managers, Being the Boss can help you no matter where you are on your journey. You will participate in an interactive group session focused on your leadership journey and learn about mastering the challenges of leadership and the three imperatives of being a great boss.  Due to ever emerging technologies, globalization and demographic shifts/trends, leaders are required to be more agile and collaborative to manage the complexities and foster innovation and change. You will master the three imperatives of being a great boss-manage yourself, manage your network, manage your team. You will also learn how to assess yourself against what’s required to succeed.  Understand your strengths, where you need to make progress and how to move forward as a leader in the age of disruption.

Becoming a Manager Experience

First-time or emerging managers will be part of an interactive group session focused on your journey from individual contributor to manager. Learn from the experiences of new managers over the course of their first year in a managerial capacity. This experience will cover: the transition from an individual contributor to leading others, how to win trust and respect, ways to motivate and inspire others, building effective working relationships and setting the agenda and context for others. You will develop your leadership identity and explore how to manage the psychological and emotional aspects of managing, including the daily stresses and uncertainties.

Building Capacity for Digital Transformation

Collective Genius author and Harvard Business School professor facilitates a half or full day group event that explores the changing nature of work inside established organizations experiencing the digital transformation of their industries. Learn how members inside these firms handle the shifting power dynamics involved in working across new boundaries, both inside and outside the firm, as they attempt to digitally transform their organizations. This is an interactive, high-energy group session focused on how organizations looking to change or transform themselves can position themselves to thrive in industries that are being digitally disrupted through exploring groundbreaking innovation and transformation strategies and ideas. This is beneficial for CEOs and senior executives facing disruption in their industry, or who want to refresh their digital transformation strategies with best practices and leading-edge approaches.

Competitive Advantage:
Innovation for Boards

We conduct an interactive, high-energy group session for board directors and CEOs. We focus on how boards can build their culture and capabilities to increase innovation and manage disruption in their industries. In this workshop we explore why it is important for boards to encourage innovation. You will learn why boards have struggled with innovation and how to rebuild the board for innovation using the principles of Collective Genius.