Being the Boss

A mobile learning journey that inspires and guides leaders to greatness.


How successful could your organization be if all your managers weren’t just good, they were great?

In our decades of research, we’ve discovered that few organizations have great managers. We’ve also learned that even talented, well-intended managers can sometimes derail. This lack of improvement is costly to organizations. Poor management is the leading cause of employee turnover. According to Gallup, 75 percent of the reasons people quit come down to their managers.

The culprit is not complacency or organizational failure—it is a lack of understanding of how to get better. Even senior leaders ask themselves “Am I good enough?” or “Am I ready?” Our program has distilled 3 critical components to help leaders answer those questions and make a difference in their organizations, available now in the Being the Boss app.

In just 45 days, managers will develop key habits on their journey toward being a Great Boss, structured around The 3 Imperatives:

Managing Yourself

  • Become self-aware and build emotional connections with others
  • Build trust
  • Share authority often and generously
  • Become a powerful advocate for your team

Managing Your Network

  • Understand how your organization really works
  • Avoid being a powerless boss
  • Expand your web of influence
  • Create a powerful coalition with your boss

Managing Your Team

  • Align your team with your organization’s purpose
  • Establish a “we” culture and clarify your team’s rules of engagement
  • Leverage your teams' strengths
  • Develop your team, both as a group and as individuals

Backed by 30+ years of Harvard Business School research

Being the Boss is based on the best-selling book by Dr. Linda Hill, Harvard Business School professor, world-renowned expert on leadership, and top management thinker by Thinkers50.


The percentage of people that leave their jobs due to poor management


Better retention through digital, micro-learning rather than in-person workshops


Net promoter score of early adopters of Being the Boss

The Being the Boss Process

Being the Boss turns professional development into a habit that builds upon itself day after day. Leveraging a breakthrough platform, our extensive research has been applied to 18 specific action steps managers carry out over 45 days. These steps occur during their daily workflow so they can apply concepts in real time with just-in-time tips and helpful reminders.

Praise for "Being the Boss," foundation of the Being the Boss journey

"Being the Boss realistically characterizes the complexities of the manager role in the twenty-first century…Today’s managers will find this work compelling and a practical addition to their toolkit.”

Chief Talent Officer • Pfizer, Inc.

“The model of managing self, network, and team is a great way for new and experienced managers to break the overwhelming task of management into understandable, digestible pieces. A terrific resource for managers to get started — and to get back — on the right track.”

Vice President, Human Resources • Pixar Animation Studios

“If you have your mind and heart set on becoming a world-class leader, this book will prove an ideal companion — part compass, part toolkit — as you work your way through the everyday struggles of management.”

Senior Vice President, Corporate Human Resources • Bertelsmann AG

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