John Parikhal

John Parikhal serves as a Senior Consultant at Paradox Strategies.

He is recognized as an accomplished, award-winning global market researcher, trend-spotting leader, creative strategist, and tactician. He helps companies grow their business by identifying the trends of tomorrow and acting on them today.

Over a 30+ year career, his clients have included Pepsi, Viacom, Disney, MTV, Rolling Stone, Scholastic, Zimmer Biomet, SiriusXM, Coastal Bridge Advisors, and hundreds of others.

John has been told that a secret to his success is “an acute understanding of global marketing conditions, detailed trend analytics, market psychology, and bold creative branding that helps cut through the clutter of the ‘overcommunicated world’ to emotionally engage customers.”

Author of over 400 blogs and articles on communications, business, marketing, and human behavior, he also penned the definitive generational classic “The Baby Boom: Making Sense of Our Generation at 40”.

John has an Honors B.A. in Economics and Business, earned his M.A. with media guru Marshall McLuhan, and studied for his PhD focusing on the way that language shapes perception and behavior.