Linda Hill participates in momentous NYSE bell-ringing event

This BWOB photo of Linda Hill and a Black Women on Boards Rising Member taking a selfie together at the NYSE captures the joy and excitement of the day.

Students ring the bell to celebrate the accomplishments of Black women

NEW YORK, NY – FEB. 14, 2023 – Paradox Strategies Founding Partner Linda Hill was among a delegation of guests taking part in the ringing of the opening bell for the New York Stock Exchange with the organization Black Women on Boards (BWOB) in a celebration of Black History Month.

BWOB is a network of 200+ women serving on boards of publicly traded companies as well as women vetted to do so, with the aim of increasing representation. In 12 months spanning 2021 to 2022, S&P 500 companies added more black women to their boards than in any similar period for the last 15 years, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal

Linda has been a trailblazer and is currently a member of the Relay Therapeutics board. She also served on the State Street board for 18 years and the Eaton board for 5 years. 

The day began with a networking breakfast and then the bell was rung by students from Spelman College in Atlanta and two high schoolers from Brooklyn in the TEAK Fellowship. Attendees also included Harvard Business School’s Women of Color participants pictured with Linda in the photo below.

“This is fantastic because the trading floor doesn’t usually look or sound anything like this,” an observer remarked.