Leading innovation: Responsibility (week 5)

innovation leadership responsibility cultureLeading innovation: Responsibility (week 5)

To lead innovation with responsibility, be personally invested in your team ‘s success and the organization’s success.

Traditional leadership:

The conventional view has been that, as a leader, you are personally invested in the team’s success and doing one’s work.

A fresh approach:

Our research shows new-era leaders can better inspire innovation when they are personally invested in the team’s success AND the organization’s success.

Bring it to life: 

  • Possitive Accountability. Feel accountable to the entire organization, not only your team’s performance
  • Standards. Set and maintain high standards for follow through and accountability
  • Modeling. Model responsibility by holding yourself to the highest professional standards
  • Negative Accountability. Hold individuals accountable for actions that go against the organization’s values
  • Go Beyond. Be willing to go beyond your job requirements to get important work done.
  • Think Big. Feel personally responsible for the organization’s success. When solving problems, consider what’s best for the whole organization, not just what’s best for yourself.

Next week: Respect

Establish rules of engagement that focus on mutual respect for all.

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