Leading innovation: Respect (week 6)

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Fresh Leadership For A New Age: A Series On The Art And Practice Of Leading Innovation The award-winning book Collective Genius by our founding partners Dr. Linda Hill and team reveals the strategies behind some of the world’s most innovative organizations. Their research makes it clear that a fresh approach to leadership is critical for organizations needing to sustain innovation or create transformative change. This 22-week series features tips on when and how you can bring this new leadership style to life in your organization. - image shows a lightbulb made of fresh fruit

Leading innovation: Respect (week 6)

To effectively lead innovation with respect, establish rules of engagement that focus on mutual respect for all.

Traditional leadership: Old

The conventional view has been that respect is ascribed by seniority and those perceived to be experts.

A fresh approach: New Era

New-era leaders help establish rules of engagement to foster a creative community. One of these rules is that of mutual respect, where members all consider each other competent even though each brings different abilities and strengths. Every colleague is thought to have something to offer. This belief is critical because it fosters the listening, openness, and transparency necessary for an innovative culture.

Bring it to life:

  • Establish a clear set of behavioral expectations and rules of engagement for collaboration that everyone can count on.
  • Foster the belief that everyone has something valuable to contribute
  • Practice listening and model attentiveness in meetings, no matter who is speaking
  • Strive to be, and encourage others to be, honest and forthright in conversations
  • Invite diverse points of view, welcome differences of opinion and respectful creative clashes
  • Do not allow people to demean others publicly or privately

Next week: Mutual Influence

Build mutually respectful and beneficial relationships.

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