Leading Innovation: Reflecting On Failure For Creative Agility (week 18)

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When experiments, tests, or pilot project fail, reflect on why they fail, not who failed. For Creative Agility to help with innovation, it requires a no-penalty culture.

Week 18: Reflecting On Failure For Creative Agility

Traditional leadership:

The convention has been to blame others for poor results rather than to focus on learning from experiments, tests, or pilots.

A fresh approach:

New-era leaders should not blame people for failed results when innovating. Instead, they should rigorously seek to understand why the effort failed.

Bring it to life:

      • Regularly conduct a post-mortem with teams when an experiment is not successful.
      • Ensure everyone has access to the same data.
      • Reflection should be done consciously, collaboratively, and openly.
      • Take time for self-reflection and encourage employees to do the same.
      • Create a no-penalty culture, where people are free to change their minds or be on the wrong side of an issue.
      • Encourage teams to use learning to inform next steps.

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