Leading Innovation: Instill an Innovation Mindset (week 13)

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To deal with accelerating change, effective leaders are modifying the ways they inspire innovation and transformation. This week we look at instilling an innovation mindset.


Week 13: Instill an Innovation Mindset

Traditional leadership:

Traditional leadership has approached the task of innovation as something restricted to certain individuals, such as innovation experts, creative people, or senior management. Or they have focused on specific areas, such as a special task force or an R&D department.

This approach no longer works.


A fresh approach:

In the new era, innovation is viewed as a part of everyone’s job. The challenge is to help their ideas get heard and applied.


Bring it to life:

    • Adopt a broad definition of innovation.
    • Recognize and celebrate incremental innovations, not just breakthroughs.
    • Dispel the myth that innovation = technology. Instead, adopt the definition that innovation is “anything new + useful.”
    • Encourage a climate of curiosity.

Next Week: Generate a marketplace of ideas

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