Leading Innovation: Combine The Best Ideas (Week 22)

A lightbulb made up of difference pieces of fruit - concept of integrated decision-making

Creative resolution is the third capability leaders need to nurture for leading innovation. It requires working through differences, exploring ideas, and integrating the best of them into a solution. It gets powerful results.

Leading Innovation: Combine The Best Ideas (Week 22)

Traditional leadership:

When it comes to innovation, conventional leaders focus on compromise, or they bet on “one horse.”

A fresh approach:

New-era leaders focus on combining the best of different ideas. They don’t let fatigue or the prospect of conflict dictate decision-making.

Bring it to life:

  • Encourage employees to work through differences and push for the best option.
  • Allow exploration of ideas and call for resolution only when necessary.
  • Evaluate the merits of each idea and highlight the best aspects of each.
  • Seek solutions that combine the best of different ideas.
  • Ensure that decision-making doesn’t leave people feeling like winners or losers or mask underlying disagreement.

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