Leading innovation: Bold Ambition (week 2)

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Fresh Leadership For A New Age: A Series On The Art And Practice Of Leading Innovation The award-winning book Collective Genius by our founding partners Dr. Linda Hill and team reveals the strategies behind some of the world’s most innovative organizations. Their research makes it clear that a fresh approach to leadership is critical for organizations needing to sustain innovation or create transformative change. This 22-week series features tips on when and how you can bring this new leadership style to life in your organization. - image shows a lightbulb made of fresh fruit

Leading innovation: Bold Ambition (week 2)

Challenge your team to think about what the organization could be doing to tackle a problem that has never been solved.

Traditional leadership:

The conventional view has been that, as a leader, you place the focus on what you think your organization should be doing.

A fresh approach:

Our research shows new-era leaders of innovation should focus not only on what the organization should be doing but also on what the organization could be doing. To innovate, challenge your team to look at problems that have never been solved.

Bring it to life:

  • Communicate aspirations for your organization that exceed current capabilities
  • Show your unyielding faith in others to achieve these aggressive goals and ideas
  • Ask employees to consider where they want the organization to be 5, 10, 20 years in the future, and what they need to do now to achieve that vision
  • Connect your organization’s business and mission to large-scale problems in need of solutions
  • Encourage employees to tackle problems that industry competitors can’t or won’t
  • Set goals and benchmarks that are tied to your organization’s purpose, as well as performance
  • Seek to generate excitement and commitment around tackling big problems

Next week: Collaboration.

Focus on the team, not star performers.

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