Leading innovation: Be data-Informed – (week 11)

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Using data to inform your choices is key to leading innovation.

This is our 11th installment in the Leading Innovation series. See the rest of the series here.

Traditional leadership:

Fresh Leadership For A New Age: A Series On The Art And Practice Of Leading Innovation The award-winning book Collective Genius by our founding partners Dr. Linda Hill and team reveals the strategies behind some of the world’s most innovative organizations. Their research makes it clear that a fresh approach to leadership is critical for organizations needing to sustain innovation or create transformative change. This 22-week series features tips on when and how you can bring this new leadership style to life in your organization. - image shows a lightbulb made of fresh fruit

A conventional approach to problem-solving has been to focus on who is right and to provide data to support the direction they want to take. The conventional view of innovation attaches far too much importance to the initial idea, the flash of insight, as though answers appear fully formed and perfect.

A fresh approach:

In the new era, innovation requires discovery-driven learning, a process of trial and error, which can truly occur only in an environment of respect for results and data. The focus needs to be on what is right and to look to the data for insights to fuel new thinking. Innovation is evidence-based, even if the community doesn’t like what the data is telling them.

Bring it to life:

  • Expect and ask to see evidence when people advocate for a point of view. Passion and intuition are not substitutes for hard data.
  • Seek to provide evidence when explaining your own ideas or decisions.
  • Routinely use data to plan future actions.
  • Welcome all sources of data, including negative feedback.
  • Create platforms for collecting and leveraging data.
  • Use data to take calculated risks.

Next week: Think holistically

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